Dear Colin Kaepernick

The NFL is saying, “we messed up.”
They’re thinking, “We didn’t give him enough money to shut him up.”
They’re shouting, “He stepped out and called out the country we love!
So, they can’t support him playing the sport he lost nights of sleep chasing the dream of.
They’re screaming, ”We told you to shut up nigger!
They’re saying, “Keep your political opinions to yourself and we will continue to put food on your table.”
The percentage of Blacks who are not in the entertainment or sports industry among the “elite” are very few and far between. 
We spend our lives chasing that AmeriKKKan Dream.
To sit at the table and have that piece of AmeriKKKan pie, but that pie ain’t so sweet.
See, AmeriKKKa has built this well-oiled machine meant for the rich to stay rich and the sports industry to use our black men as puppets.
They told you to, “shut up nigger.”
But you didn’t shut up. 
You stood up, you kneeled down, you fought…
You fought for us, and now they’ve turned their backs on you. 
I love you, and I appreciate you because you knew the risks and even while this debate over your contract is up in the air, you still fight.
You have no regrets.
While other black men in the league are silent so they can get their checks, the invisible noose hangs around their necks …
YOU still fight.
No contract is worth your sanity; no money is worth you not fighting for what you believe in.
You understand the ploy in using monetary items to keep us silent. 
That puts you in a whole different league of your own.
One the NFL could never catch.

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