Dont Worry, Just Pray

Don’t worry, just pray about it
But, what happens when prayer doesn’t reach the dark thoughts in your head?
What happens when these thoughts cloud your judgment and you act off of instinct versus reality of the consequences?
Oh, what happens when you’ve been through so much that you believe God isn’t real and prayer is no longer an option?
Why is it so hard for the black community to believe that depression is real?
We have been systematically oppressed and thrown into communities that effect our mental health daily
Have you ever stopped to think about where our depression stems from?
Besides the chemical imbalances that lead to mental health issues…
Guns, Drugs, Violence 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) never gets the chance to become a thing of the past because it happens everyday and we can’t get a hold of the madness
There’s counseling set in place for those that return home from war, but what about the war that happens everyday for people of color?
The anxiety that builds when a cop pulls us over for a simple tail light
The many times that sweat has built up behind my back when passing by a parked cop car, hoping that he doesn’t pull me over for going 5 over the speed limit when he sees my skin
The fear I get when I see people of color pulled over on the side of the highway and I make myself remember exactly where I was in case a story comes up about a trigger happy police officer … Oh wait, they kill with just their hands too
Countless bodies dropping, drugs slanging, violence thriving
We have GOT to start utilizing counseling
Why do we push off situations that hurt us mentally, to God without realizing that mental help is on this earth for us?
Just pray about it
But what happens when we feel the prayers are going unanswered and we’d rather not hear anything anymore?
When we see the prayers leaving our lips but get caught, not reaching the God everyone says is out there
It’s gonna work itself out
What does working itself out mean in a world that’s jumbled up like a puzzle and no piece seems to fit, except the conclusion of violence?
Not giving out any excuses, but why is counseling so damn taboo?
We need to TRUST professionals to help us
Why do we have the perception that going to counseling makes you, “crazy”?
When realistically it’s put in place for prevention
We begin losing the meaning of reality because we fail to realize our demons can be deeper than a prayer
We’ve been stereotypically labeled with ADHD and Bipolar disorder for so many years
“Put that kid on medicine, they need help”
When all they need is structure and a positive outlet that doesn’t include a million pills
Walking around as zombies and losing their childhood for simply being a kid
Parents will listen to the professionals when it comes to, “calming that kid down
However, when that child gets older and really needs help, it’s nowhere to be found
Suicide is the 16th leading cause of death for blacks of all ages
How many times were they told, “just pray” before they felt like praying just wasn’t enough?
When will we realize that mental illness in the black community is serious?
We have to utilize the tools that were put in place for our healing
We have to wake up and stop pushing that family member or friend to the side and telling them, “just pray about it.

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