We’ve been figuratively missing for some time now.
We’ve hated ourselves, looked for outlets to escape this skin, fought with one another, and tore down our own communities because it was all we knew.
We forgot what it means when we heard our grandparents say, “It takes a village.”
They just decided to infiltrate and physically take us in the night.
They didn’t expect anyone to care because half of these girls were latch key kids before they knew how to do their own hair and it never meant their mom didn’t care.
Most times she’s just out working to put food on the table because the government set up a system that lacks in the survival of our community.
So many stories have gone untold, just like so many police killings have gone un-recorded.
They put a “new” phenomenon in our face, now we’re all on our social media and going insane.
They’re using the media to scare us, but of course a “hero” will come and “save” us.
Then we’re supposed to be thankful for him coming and taking us out of a situation they knowingly put us in. 
But the reality is, until we provide our basic needs in our community and go back to being a village they will continue to break down our family structure. Until we do our own research and inform ourselves, they will continue to give us something new to fear…
As if walking around with colored skin isn’t enough…
So yes #FindOurGirls, but my people, we have to find ourselves too, because guess what? 
The next phenomenon could be a plotted crisis involving YOU.

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