A Tribute to the Black Queens & Kings Who Serve/Served AmeriKKKa,

We sacrifice for this country
Our family’s heart beating fast whenever there’s talk of war 
Then we come home and our skin doesn’t get us the respect we deserve
We die for this country
And this country turns around and kills us on “our” own soil
We fight for others to live peacefully in this country 
Then turn around and can’t find peace in this country
We come home needing counseling for this country
Gun shots in our neighborhood taking us back to the war we fought for this country
Can’t run from the demons in our head because of this country
We celebrate Memorial Day for ourselves because we know we’re already dead in this country
While away fighting a war that isn’t ours to keep our family safe
We know there’s still a war at home in this country
One we can’t run from, one we can’t win
Thinking of the many brown men and women who have died for this country
Bodies sent back in body bags with the same resemblance of Tamir Rice in this country
ManF this Country
Gonna tell me this man got fired due to a fallacy just so he can walk away free in this country?
Yet a 12 old boy gets killed in cold blood, there’s no justice, you see?
AmeriKKKa, you aren’t fooling me
Got my people fighting for this country but you won’t even fight for me
Oh AmeriKKKa, Oh AmeriKKKa God shed his grace on thee
Because the moment we all rise up, you’re gonna need that blessing, trust me
The hatred you instilled in our hearts against one another is slowly decreasing
As more of us continue to spread light & love to one another
You’ll no longer hold a grasp on thee
I salute all the Black Queens and Kings who have sacrificed their life for me
I’ll appreciate you more than this country ever could
And I know we aren’t free, so those words I’ll never sing
But your duty doesn’t go unnoticed, at least not from me

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