Oh AmeriKKKa, what have you done?
 You’ve brainwashed us… You’ve made us hate ourselves… You’ve TRIED to destroy us…You have us laughing at things that are in no way funny. You have us falling into this Eurocentric way of thinking about beauty, standards and opinion. Since when has it been okay to laugh at my brother or sister in pain? Since when has it been okay to look down on the less fortunate? Since when has it been okay to call someone else ugly (physically).. Don’t get me wrong, people have some ugly traits. But, physically.. Really? Who have we become?
 As I sat and watched television last night, I noticed some pressing concerns that I believe should be addressed. I was very uncomfortable with how we are being portrayed in the media, beyond “reality” tv. From commercials to the roles we have on shows, I noticed that there is a need for us in the community as a positive leader. In the next few days/weeks I will be partaking in a blog series called,#TheWhereSeries
 I came up with three things we need to change in our community… I’ll be touching on those things with each post. If you get in your feelings too easily or are afraid to take a deeper look at yourself, these posts may not be for you. The three things I noticed are the concrete topics I will touch, anything else in between that just pisses me off, I’ll tackle as well. I hope you enjoy.

  1. What Does the Dollar Mean in the Black Community? #WhereTheCashAT?
  2. Self Love, Where Did it Go? #WhereYoLoveAt
  3. Where’s the Art in Schools? #WhereARTthou

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