To The Brother or Sister Who Stole My Laptop, I Forgive You

To the brother or sister who stole my laptop,

I forgive you.

It has certainly been some trying months since August, and you stealing my laptop took me over the top. I went through the stages of grief. I was in denial, I couldn’t believe someone could take my laptop, filled with my hard work, memories, and things I didn’t even know I needed. I was so angry with you! I was so ashamed to know you were Black. I was so ashamed to be associated with you. I knew there was no way we could be from the same bloodline, the same ancestry, or the same struggle. How could you?

I had to let go. I came to terms with my laptop really being gone and having to start over. I came to terms with the fact that even though you hurt me, I still love you. I still pray for you, and I pray that God puts you in a better situation where you don’t have to steal from anyone else again. My friends and family know the situation, they know how I know that you’re like me. Colored skin, lost in this world and put into circumstances you can’t get yourself out of. They know how I hunted the stolen car down to find my glasses, keys, laptop and everything gone…. Except for those blue flats all bent in and worn. They know the ups and downs I went through, all the turmoil. They know how I bought a new laptop and ran my credit up because I needed one.

I forgive you because you didn’t have a choice. I forgive you because you have a baby and this opened up an opportunity for you to get something you may have needed for your family. My hopes are that this gave you a chance to excel. You know what they say, “They may have needed it more.” I forgive you brother or sister who stole my laptop, I promise I do. I pray that one day we won’t have to be put in situations where doing wrong is the only right way. I love you brother or sister, I do. I hope my possessions did more for you, then they could for me. One day, we won’t have to fight, kill, or steal from each other as people of color. One day, we’ll break through and surpass the systematic racism that has held us down, but for now, my possessions are a gift from me, to you.


Erica L. Blake

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