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Black At PWI

This project is very important to me as someone who has attended both a Primarily White Institution and a Historically Black College & University. When this project began in 2018, I was working at an institution who’s faculty/staff did not reflect the student body it served. I am now working at another institution and this project continues to be essential.

Why pay for an institution that is not going to mold you personally, culturally and professionally all at the same time?

Take this journey with me as I get raw insight through dialogue about experiences at Primarily White Institutions. These interviews are sprinkled with advice, love, frustrations, confusion, and determination.

Full stories can be found at Black.PWI on Instagram

Black at PWI Summit

On August 1, 2020 the first Black at PWI Summit was held virtually with 205 registrants. If you missed out on the summit or want to rewatch, videos are below. Thank you to all of the amazing individuals involved with this event. It surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait to organize the next one.

Yoga With Jaime

Student Panel

Faculty Panel

Staff Panel

Link Up