What Are You Willing To Sacrifice

How I maintain my sanity through the craziness of the world….
I mean, I really don’t know to be honest
Sometimes the sadness & hatred is too much to bear
I get asked so many times, “How do you find release in your line of work?”
I want to tell them that I don’t really find release
That the names, faces, and stories of my slain brothers and sisters haunt me, yet keep me fighting for them at the same time
That I carry their stories with me everywhere that I go
That I fear their story could too be mine, or someone I know
It’s odd because through the chaos, I still find peace
The ability to know why I’m here
Why I write, why I coordinate, why I fight
Why I don’t mind putting my sanity on the back burner to ensure the next generation loves and appreciates their skin more than I did
To make sure they never doubt how beautiful their pigment is
To make sure they acknowledge discrimination and combat every glass ceiling built to make sure they don’t succeed
I’m okay with carrying the weight of sleepless nights as I look at the ceiling trying to figure out my next project to implement change
This was never about me
This was never about you
See, we so often fail to realize that our words mean something
That our actions reach far beyond the split second it took us to react to a situation
What are you willing to sacrifice to make a change?
I don’t mind people thinking I’m crazy, too out spoken, or too optimistic when it comes to the love I want to instill back into our communities
I will write until my fingers go numb if that means I’m changing a life, even if it’s just one
I let go of my peace of mind awhile ago….
And I’m okay with that because I still find peace in the chaos
What are you willing to sacrifice to make a change?